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Stephen Hebscher has over 32 years of experience as a criminal defence lawyer.  He is lead counsel for The Criminal Law Team. Stephen is well respected, dedicated and driven to ensure his clients are treated fairly by the criminal justice system. Even more: Stephen wants to win his cases! He does this by working smart, and with a dogged determination to obtain the best possible outcome.  Most of his clients will dodge the bullet of having a criminal record.

Read some of the testimonials we have posted on our website and visit our Google Places page to see for yourself how Stephen and his criminal law firm in Toronto can help you with your case.

Call or text The Criminal Law Team now at 416-550-6554 to discuss with Stephen your criminal law problem. You can also email Stephen at Stephen, a Toronto criminal defence lawyer, has represented clients charged with all manner of criminal offences, in all of the criminal courts of Ontario.

Every one deserves another chance- This is how Stephen approaches every case for every client: After a thorough review of the charges with his client, Stephen determines whether the best course of action is to fight the charges by taking them to trial, or to plea bargain a favourable result.  

In the end, Stephen draws on his decades of experience to navigate the choppy waters of the criminal justice system, always mindful of achieving for his clients the best result at a reasonable cost. If he determines the best strategy is to obtain professional help for his client, Stephen will choose from a group of available mental health and addiction counselors to obtain for his client an assessment of his or her problem, counseling and/or treatment, and a report outlining the rehabilitative steps taken by the client. This report is presented to the crown attorney or judge to obtain the best possible result; most of the time the client will end up  happy by getting the help they need, and avoiding a criminal record.

Stephen has particular expertise representing clients with mental health and addiction issues. Get to know Stephen by watching his video:


Call Stephen to speak with an experienced criminal defence lawyer in Toronto to represent you in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. Stephen is available 24/7 to discuss with you how he can solve your criminal law problem.

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Sexual related offences

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Domestic Assault Offences

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Youth Crimes

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Driving Offences

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