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Stephen Hebscher » Client Feedback & Testimonials

See the following case studies / testimonials & client feedback for Toronto lawyer Stephen Hebscher:


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Dear Mr. Hebscher, from the moment we began our conversations over the phone, I could sense a great amount of professionalism and compassion, both of which made me comfortable to speak with you about my case. I was sure that I was in good hands and my intuition proved to be true. We had our case withdrawn and words cannot describe how elated I felt. Thank you once again.




Our family went through a traumatic time when our child was charged with sexual assault and we sough the help of Stephen Hebscher based on recommendations. Mr. Hebscher proved to be an experienced lawyer, as his calm demeanor assured us that he would protect our family. Not only that, but he was able to connect us with a professional counseling service that has been extremely helpful to our son. We are truly grateful to Mr. Hebscher for having the charges dropped against our son and helping our family heal. Highly recommended!

J.N. Toronto, Ontario


Dear Mr. Hebscher:

I still cannot believe that amazing results that you have gotten me. Being charged with Importing Narcotics, I needed a lawyer that I could trust and one that was experienced. You proved to be the real deal and provided me with guidance throughout this process. It’s truly a blessing to have had you represent me and work on my case. The prosecutor was convinced to drop all of my charges and I got my life back. Thank you.

Ahmed A.
Brampton, Ontario

I can truly say that I was lucky to have found The Criminal Law Team and Stephen. I was charged with assault and Mr. Hebscher was able to have my charges withdrawn. No conditions. No trial. To add to that, he is a very trustworthy and kind man, and his experience gets results. Thank you for your constant communication and hard work. I highly recommend Mr. Hebscher for anyone in need of a criminal lawyer in Toronto.
Being charged with criminal harassment had put me in a state of fear but Mr. Hebscher settled those fears when he showed that he knows how to navigate the legal system. Stephen was able to show that my mental health problems needed assistance, and he was able to get me that assistance and report my progress to the Crown. My charges were withdrawn and all evidence was destroyed. Now that’s progressive law!


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