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See the following case studies / testimonials & client feedback for Toronto lawyer Bruce Karten:

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Dear  Bruce Karten      Dec 18, 2015

I would like to let you know that our family has the greatest amount of gratitude for everything that you’ve done for my brother who suffers from a mental illness. We were terrified of the charges that were laid against him and we feared that he may spend a few decades in prison.

While I didn’t know how this journey would unfold, from the moment you took on our family’s case, you have shown the upmost experience, patience and professionalism in this difficult time for us, and that made the experience that much less stressful.

Thanks to the work you put in, he received a reduction in his charges and received mental health assistance that allowed him to piece his life back together. From the bottom of our hearts, we would recommend Bruce Karten to anyone in need of a criminal defense lawyer that gets results and cares.

Thank you,

Shirley, T.
Whitby, Ontario

To Whom IT May Concern   October 6, 2013

There are many hardships that a parent will experience throughout their child’s life, but very few measure up to serious legal problems. My young son had been out with his friends and he ended up entangling himself in a situation where he was charged with Motor Vehicle theft, along with 4 other serious High Traffic Violations.

I took to the internet and began searching for criminal lawyers in Toronto and the name Bruce Karten kept popping up. The fact that he had 40 years of experience made me comfortable in seeking his help to help defend my young son.

To keep things short, Bruce’s experience really showed in the court room as he adapted to the changes with ease. I may consider it a miracle, but Bruce was able to get the Theft of Motor Vehicle charged dropped and the 4 serious traffic violations were reduced to a deduction of 3 demerit points. Those are results!

Thank you and we are grateful,

Toronto Ontario

To whom it may concern:

I first met Mr. Karten in 2010 when my father was in need of an attorney and needed to help him.

My elderly father was accused of domestic abuse involving another party who also had mental health and physical disabilities due to their age.

The court dates were frequently postponed by the Crown but Mr. Karten continued to show up and make himself present to represent my father.

Our financial situation was getting worse as the court dates went on and we were unable to afford his services after the retainer had been exhausted. Of course, not at fault to Mr. Karten, but as a result of the courts continuously postponing the court dates. We explained our situation to Mr. Karten and he reduced his rates for us and he told us that he really wanted to help our family.

In the end, the case was dismissed and we got the result we prayed for.

Mr. Karten, please know that were are indebted to you for everything you’ve done for us. This man is a compassionate man, a man that got us the result we needed most, and his experience in the court room was second to none. While my father’s dementia doesn’t allow him to appreciate Mr. Karten’s efforts, we would still like to know that our family does.

Isabel M.
Toronto, Ontario

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