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Criminal Offences by Category

Sexual related criminal offences

Sexual related offences

Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Issues

Property Offences

Property Offences

Violent Crimes & Weapons Offences

Violent Crimes & Weapons Offences

Domestic Assault Offences

Domestic Assault Offences

Drug Criminal Offences

Drug Offences

Youth Crimes

Youth Crimes

Driving Offences

Driving Offences

Internet Offences

Internet Offences


Criminal Offences Listing: Areas of Practice


Aggravated Assault / Assault Bodily Harm



Assault Causing Bodily Harm

Assault Police and Assault Resist Arrest

Attempted Murder

Auto Theft

Breaking and Entering (B&E)

Cocaine Possession

Counterfeiting & Forgery

Counterfeiting Money

Credit Card Fraud

Criminal Breach of Trust / Fraud

Criminal Embezzlement

Criminal Harassment / Stalking

Criminal Negligence

Cultivation Of Marijuana

Dangerous Driving Charges

Driving Suspended

Domestic Assault

Extortion Crime & Blackmail

Fraud Crimes / Fraudulent Devices

Hit and Run

Impaired Driving

Indecent Exposure

Internet Sex Crimes

Kidnapping / Forcible Confinement

Manslaughter and Murder

Mental Health

Mortgage Fraud

Other Property Offences

Peace Bonds and Restraining Orders

Possession of Stolen Goods

Prescription Abuse

Probation Violation

Robbery & Theft

Sexual Interference of a Minor

Sexual Assault

Soliciting A Prostitute

Theft from Employer

Trafficking And Possession For The Purpose Of Trafficking

Weapons Charges

Youth Crimes / Young Offenders

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