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If you have been charged with or are suspected of committing a sex crime, then you should immediately seek a consultation with a top-notch criminal lawyer. If you have not yet spoken to the police, now is the time to call The Criminal Law Team. We will ensure that you do not incriminate yourself.

Whether you believe that you are guilty or innocent, your next moves may determine the ultimate disposition of your case.

What are the consequences of a sexual assault charge?

Because sexual assault covers a wide range of illegal acts- from an unwanted touching to non-consensual intercourse- it is a hybrid offence.

This means that you can be prosecuted by the Crown Attorney with an indictable offence (very serious), or with a summary offence (less serious).

Given the present social climate (The Me Too Movement, etc.), in almost all cases the police are required to charge anyone suspected of committing a sexual assault, whether it allegedly occurred yesterday, or 30 years ago. Thus, you will be asked to come down to the station to “tell your side of the story”.


Do I need to speak with a criminal lawyer before any charges are laid?

Now is a very crucial time to seek the help of an experienced criminal defence lawyer before speaking to the police in regards to any questions they may want to ask you.

In 1{acf13362ae05ef84335394b9ca1ada82162fdcb71f228eeb6fc24d44ed7b5844} of our cases, we have advised our clients to speak to the police. The other 99{acf13362ae05ef84335394b9ca1ada82162fdcb71f228eeb6fc24d44ed7b5844} of the cases are where you need to be “lawyered up”. If you have been falsely accused, it is not the police you need to talk to; you need to talk to someone who is on your side: a criminal defence lawyer with over three decades of experience defending sexual assault charges.

When the police call you and ask you to come into the station to “tell your side of the story”, they are only seeking to elicit a confession of guilt from you. We will inform you of the number of techniques they use to get you to incriminate yourself. We at The Criminal Law Team will then prepare you for the police onslaught of questioning. We will also arrange with the officer for your release from the police station. In more serious cases, we will discuss with you and prepare you for a possible bail hearing.

At The Criminal Law Team, we have decades of experience in dealing with sexual assault charges. We know the police drill. Once charged, we will take over your case, thoroughly review the evidence with you, and discuss whether we need to hire a private investigator, or an expert in DNA evidence, etc.

Call us now to discuss your case.



But what if there is evidence against me?

The prosecution of a sexual assault case, more often than not, relies on forensic evidence to prove the identity of a suspect. This is usually a hair sample or traces of DNA that may have even come from a fingerprint, saliva, or other bodily fluid. The less DNA found, the more likely it can be innocently explained. At The Criminal Law Team, we have DNA expert witnesses who can analyze the samples and data provided to possibly undermine the significance of this evidence.

While TV crime shows often portray forensic evidence like DNA as being irrefutable, it is important to note that experienced sexual assault lawyers, like The Criminal Law Team in Toronto, can challenge this type of evidence.

In cases not involving DNA evidence, the case may come down to credibility: “he said, she said”. We have a number of techniques we use to challenge the credibility of a complainant in a sexual assault case, including the use of our experienced private investigators.

Prosecutors love it when police obtain a confession from an accused. Our job, at The Criminal Law Team, is to ensure you do not speak to the police: only name, address, and occupation. Our job is also to make the prosecution’s job harder, and, ultimately, to obtain an excellent result in your case.

I’ve been falsely accused! What should I do?

Before you think that your belief in your innocence and your version of the truth will be heard by the police and prosecution…think again!

Our law firm’s belief is that “the best defence is a strong offence”, and it is there that truth and innocence can prevail.

Our team of professionals will analyze the intricacies of your case and the charges brought onto you. We will use these tools to discover the real truth and exonerate you from any false allegations made by a complainant.

If you should choose to proceed alone, you should know that the police in the interrogation room assume that you are guilty and will use every trick in the book to try to squeeze a confession out of you or to use anything they can to hurt your case in court.

How do I get my charges dropped?

It is obvious to many people that are charged with a sexual-related crime to be afraid of the consequences that it may bring for their future.

Our group of professionals at The Criminal Law Team have only one mission and that is to get the best possible result for our clients, which would mean having all charges filed against you dropped.

Whether this means avoiding a trial altogether or fighting for you in a court of law, you can rest assured that you have an experienced team that is working for you and has had many sexual assault charges dropped for its clients.

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