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Bruce Karten (Retired)


Bruce Karten - Criminal Defence Lawyer Toronto

Bruce Karten is an experienced criminal defence lawyer who has been practising for 40 years in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Scarborough and other parts of Ontario, including Newmarket, Brampton, Oshawa, Trenton, Belleville and the Niagara Region.

Now retired, Bruce Karten was an experienced criminal defence lawyer at The Criminal Law Team. Having practiced for over 40 years in the GTA, Bruce was able to help clients at every step of the way in their criminal cases, as well as being able to keep clients informed on various proceedings and eligibility for bail.

Bruce’s experience continues to be a part of our law firm and we are able to make a significant difference in your case, before it even begins.

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Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer

Bruce has the experience, respect and knowledge you need:

  •  experience of having worked with the Crown attorneys and judges who may be assigned to your case
  • respect of those presiding officials
  • thorough knowledge of the relevant case law, court procedure and the rules of evidence

Bruce has appeared before the Provincial Court in Ontario, the Ontario Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada.

This level of experience, as well as specializing in sexual assault, indecent acts, has earned Bruce the reputation of an experienced and successful lawyer for many of his past clients that have gotten not guilty verdicts and dropped charges.


Bruce Karten attented the University of Western Ontario and received his Bachelor of Arts in 1965, followed by a Bachelor of Laws in 1968 from Western University as well.

After passing his bar exam in 1970, Bruce established his very own practice in Belleville, Ontario, and after 14 years, he moved to Toronto to open his newest criminal office.

In addition to his education, Bruce has conducted lectures in various high schools about criminal law, and has presented many times in front of drug treatment professionals to educate them on laws and procedures involving narcotics cases. In regards to domestic law, Bruce has been a part of many community groups and has served as a trial judge in various high school court competitions since 2001.

As someone who always seeks to enhance his skills, Bruce attends regular education programs offered by the Criminal Lawyer’s Association and the Ontario Bar Association.

Community involvement

A long time volunteer at Big Brother in Toronto, Bruce Karten has also sat on the Board of the Hastings and Prince Edward County Children’s Aid Society during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

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